Clean energy from the sun – Comprehensive solar power solutions

The use of renewable energy sources is an integral part of everyday life today – and our future. Growing energy needs require new kinds of solutions that enable us to achieve sustainability targets and secure the Earth’s future.
Our hi-tech expertise will be increasingly utilised in the development of cleaner ways to produce energy. Our strong knowledge of electrical engineering and automation is harnessed to create a cleaner future.
In Finland, solar power is often seen as an ineffective option due to the short summers. However, solar power systems work on light – not direct sunlight per se. Exposed panels can produce energy through the seasons. In winter, the only obstacle is snow cover.

Solar energy is:

  • Emission-free
  • Not affected by energy price fluctuations
  • Easy to install – off-grid systems on islands and remote locations do not require cable connections.
  • Government grants are available for residential installations
  • Businesses can apply for investment grants

Products and Systems

We have launched a solar energy product family, which is available to all our customers. The product range includes high-quality component systems, from high-capacity solar farms to grid-connected residential systems and battery-based solutions for recreational living. Harju Elekter’s design team can create a tailor-made solution for your exact needs.
With a grid-connected system, you could sell your surplus energy back to the grid. Contact your electricity provider for more information about micro-generation opportunities.
The systems are connected to a web-based monitoring application which enables customers to log in and monitor in real time how much energy their system generates. The system also shows emissions and comparisons with fossil fuels.

The application saves data into the system from the moment it is connected, which means that data can be monitored and compiled into statistics over longer periods as well.
Whatever your needs, our expertise is at your disposal! Join us in creating a cleaner environment.

Solar Energy

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