Reliable Project Supplier

We also engage in switchgear manufacturing on a project basis. The project-type electrification and automation construction is based on cooperation. The network supply chain includes various operators, ranging from the subscriber to the suppliers or subcontractors, and the cooperation between them shall be seamless. Project management will ensure that schedules are respected and that the project progresses according to plan. Thanks to successful project plans and competent project management, project management moves ahead effectively.

Project Management and Benefits of Project-type Operations

  • The subscriber, often the main supplier, will complete their desired part of the project and occasionally also part of the design.
  • Seamless cooperation with design agencies will guarantee a successful outcome.
  • In contract manufacturing, the management of logistics will be fine-tuned from start to finish.
  • The extensive experience of operators in various control and operating systems as well as different customer processes will facilitate project management.

Harju Elekter Oy operates directly with product and system manufacturers or importers of automation and electrical equipment. Thanks to direct communications, competitive pricing is ensured for the automation, instrumentation and electric components of the project. Project management, main engineering and the supervision of project engineering are our strengths, particularly in turnkey deliveries. For subcontracting, we use the services of partners proven to be excellent in several collaboration projects.

Our competencies and strengths


Simatic S5/S7, TIA Portal, Beckhoff, Rockwell, Omron

Automation systems

PCS7, Rockwell PlantPAx, ABB System 800xA

Scada and HMI user integrations

Simatic WinCC, Wonderware Intouch, Rockwell FactoryTalk

Motion control

Siemens S7-1200/1500 Motion control, Simotion, Vacon, ABB

Bus technology

Profibus, Profinet, DeviceNet, Simcode motor control


Sivacon and CNC structure

Automation, electrification and instrumentation engineering

Eplan, CADS, AutoCAD, Simaris, Elflex 3D

Safety systems

S7 Distribution safety, TIA Portal Safety Advansed, PCS7 F-Systems