A large percentage of Harju Elekter Oy’s manufacturing work is carried out in the form of contract manufacturing. The objective of this seamless and long-span cooperation is to improve competitiveness and to render the processes more effective for both parties. Thanks to cooperation, the offer calculation stage, which is often extensive, is skipped, and this continuity allows for development work and increasingly shorter delivery times.

Studies have indicated that for customers, contract manufacturing is, on the whole, the most advantageous and the most rapid operating model which is based on mutual trust. Contract manufacturing is smoothly adapted to customer needs.

Automated production allows for the following:

  • production and final documentation by generating it directly from the product data
  • the electronic transfer of files that lead to marking, wiring and holing machines
  • procurement of electric supplies
  • liberating customer design for features such as product development
  • an automated configuration
  • saving inspection documents in electronic form

Contract manufacturing is applied in an attempt to have an impact on features such as the following:

  • a long process of offer inquiries and offer calculation
  • the ability to meet tight delivery schedules
  • identifying the best purchase prices and products
  • the continuous development of operations
  • the management of capacities, changes and cost structures
  • continuity, which is important for both parties.