Our design services cover everything from initial planning to projection and additions made to maintenance. For large entities, we cooperate with design agencies operating in the field.

The extent of the design will be implemented based on the customer’s starting points:

  • the subscriber, often the main supplier, will complete their desired part of the project and occasionally also part of the design
  • seamless cooperation with design agencies will guarantee a successful outcome
  • the extensive experience of operators in various control and operating systems, as well as different customer processes, will facilitate project management

We provide design services to three sectors:

  • automation
  • electrification
  • instrumentation

The scope of our delivery includes the following:

  • site design
  • circuit diagrams
  • layouts
  • applications design
  • programming
  • testing
  • implementation

Harju Elekter Oy’s design is carried out hand in hand with the device and system manufacturers, as well as with the automation and electrical device importers, to ensure that the most recent information in the field is used.

Project management, main engineering, and the supervision of engineering are our strengths, particularly in turnkey deliveries. For subcontracting, we exclusively use the services of reliable partners.