With the rapid electrification of transport, access to electrical vehicle charging has become an increasingly important element of parking. The number of electric vehicles and the demand for charging units was still modest a little over a decade ago, but we saw huge potential in this sector. We believed that our product development efforts would be rewarded before long. We were right.

We have been pioneers in electric vehicle charging in Finland since 2010. Our more than a decade of experience at the forefront of product development in this field guarantees our ability to deliver a high standard to our customers. Our partnership with the software development company IGL gives us the confidence to look for innovative solutions to future challenges. Harju Elekter Oy designs and manufactures the charging units, and IGL develops the interfaces.

We bring thousands of electric vehicle charging units to market every year. We are based in Ulvila, Finland, where we have the infrastructure to cater to customers of all sizes and with all kinds of needs.

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