Street Cabinet KU, Hot Dip Galvanised Steel

Street Cabinets

A durable and sturdy structure, made for demanding Finnish conditions:

  • Street cabinet construction material hot-dip galvanized steel DX51D+Z275 MBC ROHS, load-bearing parts 2.0mm, door 1.5mm
  • Default color per standard RAL 7037, other colors and finishes, hot-dip galvanization, and anti-graffiti coating are also available
  • The street cabinet meets the requirements of SFS-EN 60439-1 and SFS-EN 60439-5
  • The street cabinets have the FI label approval issued by SGS Fimko
  • Protection class IP 34D

Cabinet dimensions according to the standard:

    • Width 400, 600, 850, 1,050 or 1,350 mm
    • Height 800 or 1,250 mm
    • Plinth 1,000 mm, material steel or concrete, mounting adapter for concrete included
    • Depth 360 mm
  • The cabinet and plinth are supplied assembled
  • Release connectors for easy installation
  • Doors open over 180 degrees, different lock options are available
  • Ventilation through gaps between the door and side walls and ceiling, additional vents can be fitted in the top and bottom of the door
  • The double roof prevents condensed water from dripping

Optional Accessories:

  • contact protection busbars, installation plate for an empty cabinet, a visibility pole, connection supplies
  • Contact protection busbars In 630 A…1600 A, Un 500 V, model Z or Kabeldon
  • Low voltage outputs: ABB, Jean Müller or Kabeldon strip-type fuse switches
  • The cable support in the plinth can be adjusted for height and depth, cabling through the front or back