Vehicle Heating Solutions

Our factory in Ulvila has decades of experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality block heater power plugs capable of heating cars in Finland’s challenging weather conditions. Our extensive range has the right solution to all kinds of defrosting needs from housing associations to workplaces and from public areas to homes.

Our block heater power plugs are fitted with 16 A circuit breakers as standard, but 4, 6, or 10 A circuit breakers are also available. Safety is guaranteed by a 25 A / 30 mA residual-current device.

Block heaters come with two earthed power sockets, which are angled for easier plug access.
We supply two different casing models: one made of durable and frost-proof polycarbonate and the other of stylish anodized aluminum. The properties of our products range from pure simplicity to LED lighting and smart technology.
A pre-heated engine is good for stress levels as well as the environment!

eParking – a comprehensive remote-controllable parking management system

eParking is a comprehensive remote-controllable parking management concept consisting of a range of components that can be mixed and matched to build a tailored solution to any parking environment. All our charging products are compatible with eParking. With eParking, a single customer interface can be used to manage visitor parking, short-term parking, business parking, and customer parking in the same car park. Additional services, such as billing and payment management, queueing, security, traffic control, and remote management, can be included according to the customer’s wishes.