Solar Farms

Auringonvalosta energiaa tuotannolliseen käyttöön tai sähköverkkoon

Solar power provides clean, low-carbon energy and helps businesses become self-sufficient in energy. Solar power systems add comfort in workplaces and help save on electricity costs, as they are not affected by energy price fluctuations or subject to distribution charges.

Project packages tailor-made according to electricity consumption:

  • Industrial and public spaces
  • 10KW – 100kW Grid-connected system without an isolating transformer

Large properties and solar fields

110kW – MW level Grid-connected system with an isolating transformer

Solar power is highly recommended for powering heat pumps for cooling in the summer. We can also design a customised solution, if required. All projects are supported by our expertise in systems design and electrical automation, and integration with production systems is taken into account in each stage of the project. All project solutions are implemented using reliable, high-quality components. The life cycle of the designed system is 25 years.

Improve your productivity without a carbon footprint!

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